Why Are Rolls Royce cars So Expensive?

Rolls-Royce produces some of the world’s most exquisite, opulent automobiles. Rolls-Royce cars are famous for being handcrafted to fulfill their customers’ dreams of a flawless “magical carpet journey.” Rolls-Royce also knows no bounds and offers endless optional extras, customizations, and upgrades.

So, the automobiles came at a premium, and Rolls-Royce will not even discuss its base prices. It is because each Rolls-Royce is handcrafted to order for the owner. The Rolls-Royce is the pinnacle of luxury automobiles. If you want a Rolls-Royce, be prepared to pay a premium sum for your dream car.

This article looks at some of the key factors that make a Rolls Royce pricey. The main cost factors include:

The Color

The paint job done on the car is one of the essential considerations in the price because the paint done on the Rolls Royce is the most expensive. Rolls Royce has a palette of over 44,000 hues, which are painted according to customer requests. They can imitate other people’s lipsticks, items from your home, items you own, and items you have seen.

For example, they have done one like an owner’s dog, a red setter. So, Rolls Royce precisely reproduces them, whether through DNA, chemistry, or other means. It’s one-of-a-kind for them. Each vehicle color is unique and is registered in the name of the car’s owner as your color. If someone else likes it and wants to use that exact finish, they have to seek permission from you as the color’s owner.

The Paint Job

Rolls Royce Cullinan Long

There are at least seven coat layers, including primers, base coats, the color, and, unusually, they add two clear coats of lacquer. Yet, depending on your requirements, Rolls Royce can paint up to 23 layers of coating, including the special effects. It translates to about 45 kilograms in the weight of paint.

Detailing is done by hand using a brush according to your specifications, and only one person draws at RR. If you want to make changes to the detailing, the Rolls Royce specialist will travel to your location and complete the work. No car from Rolls Royce returns to the factory, as is the company’s tradition.

Paint Infusions

As a Rolls Royce customer, you enjoy the option of having other materials integrated into the paint. You can choose to add crushed diamonds, gold, or any other material to the color. You must either give the gems or pay an extra fee to Rolls-Royce to get the stones on your behalf. If there are diamonds, the company will send them to a reputable third party to crush them. They will then infuse the shattered diamonds into the car paint. Royce will apply the specific shade of hue that you requested and the sparkle that only crushed diamonds can produce when applied to the car.

So, adding expensive elements to the paint makes a Rolls-Royce car pricey. If you have the funds, you can also either infuse your paint with gold or use gold as your paint. It will need a specialist who knows how to invest the paint well, which raises the car price because specialists demand a lot of money. Thus, investing in paintwork to make it more comprehensive will make your Rolls-Royce expensive.

Self-Righting Wheel Centers

Rolls Royce Cullinan spirit of extacy

You will notice that the car’s steering wheel is always upright because the Rolls-Royce brand takes itself seriously. They never want the RR logo turned to the side or upside-down; it is always vertical. One of the unique details that distinguish Rolls-Royce from other car designers.

Rolls-Royce uses handcrafted self-righting wheel centers to do this. The wheel will turn itself until the RR logo is back in the upright position, even if you park the car in a specific way. The feature makes starting and driving your automobile easier and improves the vehicle’s appearance. Yet, the self-righting wheel center is expensive because they use the best materials to ensure the steering wheel lasts and can self-right itself.


Rolls Royce uses 300 pounds of insulation in the interior to keep the outside noise at bay. It is a silent ride with virtually no sound. It allows you to accept calls without worrying about automobile noise drowning your caller. The cabin’s interior is meticulously organized, and the insulation must also fit into the vehicle.

It ensures there is still enough sound to prevent auditory sensory deprivation, and it is quiet enough not to irritate the driver. Specialized tools, materials, and designs enable the insulation to fit inside the car’s cabin and achieve the desired balance. So, making the ride more enjoyable comes at a steep price.

Customized Interior and Dashboard

Rolls Royce Cullinan interior

Rolls Royce the interior and dashboard designs to meet taste and needs. The interior is more like an art gallery and collects the artistic content you need. The Embroidery works are custom-made according to your design, color, and other preferences, giving the car a luxury appearance.

The Starlight Headlines

The Starlight Headlines are one of Rolls Royce’s most notable features. It’s a collection of fiber-optic roof lights that mimic the night sky and stars. These can also be adjusted to meet your needs, including shooting stars.

The Starlight Headliner transforms the interior of your car into a night sky. It is an attractive feature that many owners appreciate. You can always choose to remove the Starlight Headliner if you don’t like it. Many people keep the Starlight Headliner because it is a standard Rolls-Royce feature. Anyone who sees it immediately recognizes it for what it is.

The feature takes 16 hours to make and is one of the reasons why Rolls-Royce automobiles come at a premium. Every Starlight Headliner is made by hand by making holes in the headliner’s fabric and then shining a fiber-optic light through them. You can even add your starry artwork or favorite star constellations to the mix. You should expect the car’s price to climb because of the more delicate work it takes.

The Specialized Tires

Rolls-Royce also uses specialized tires made by Continental to reduce road noise. The Continental tires inflate using a special type of foam and provide a smooth ride, and decrease road noise by nine decibels. The specialized Continental tires are expensive because they are designed for Rolls-Royce cars and are durable.

The Rolls Royce Brand

Rolls Royce Cullinan BR

Rolls-Royce is the epitome of luxury, and luxury comes at a hefty cost. The brand is also noted for its ability to customize. The company will follow your wishes regardless of your desire or how long it takes. It has a reputation for being expensive, and you can expect a big bill when it’s done. A Rolls-Royce automobile is renowned for its opulent amenities and prestigious symbolism. It’s costly because it’s designed to be that way.

Parting Shot

Rolls-Royce is the pinnacle of luxury, and more people are willing to pay the price to enjoy it. Rolls-Royce sales increased by 25% in 2019 to 5152 units. The average age of Rolls Royce owners also dropped from the late fifties to the mid-forties.

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