Top 10 Supercars Under 100k USD

Supercar fans are found all over the globe and we have made a list of supercars under 100k for the people interested in buying them. 

What are the three most important characteristics of a supercar in order for it to be recognised as such? Design that is flamboyant, performance that is savage, and a price that is out of this world. Supercars wouldn’t be worth losing after if they didn’t have those three, and they wouldn’t be the crown jewels of vehicle collections if they didn’t have them. But what if we told you that some supercars could be bought for a reasonable price? Let’s be clear before you get too excited.

We’re not talking about low-cost supercars since none exist. Nothing in the world of supercars is cheap, not the asking price, the upkeep, or the insurance. However, because of the magic of depreciation, some cars have become more affordable and accessible to a larger range of people. In addition, some supercars are surprisingly economical for the level of performance they provide.

Here are our top ten picks if you have an extra 100k lying around and want to indulge in some high-octane fun.

  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – 760 Hp – $73,995
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A 760 horsepower supercharged V8 engine powers the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. The GT500 is one of the greatest muscle cars of all time, as well as the best Mustang ever built. It also has the agility of a small, lightweight sports vehicle.

It comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch automated transmission and a 5.2-liter V8 engine. The Shelby GT500 is not just the most powerful Mustang ever, but it’s also the most expensive Mustang ever, with a starting price of little under $74,000. However, that price is nothing when compared to what this incredible sports automobile can accomplish.

  • Chevrolet Corvette C8- $100,000
Chevrolet Corvette GLR 3

Although the Corvette has been around for nearly 70 years, it has only recently undergone the most dramatic transformation in its long existence. In an extremely well-executed transformation, it went from being a front-engine muscle coupe to a mid-engine supercar. We’d like to welcome you to the eighth-generation Corvette, which, with its 6.2-liter V8 producing 490 horsepower and a blazing 2.8 seconds from 0 to 60 mph when equipped with the Z51 performance package, is finally ready to take on the Italian competition.

The new C8 is a spectacular supercar with a bold look and equally remarkable technology and interior. The best part is that this model is available in right-hand drive and starts at around $100,000 in the US, making it a very affordable way to scares Ferrari owners.

  • The Dodge Viper SRT- $99800

The lovely 2017 Dodge Viper SRT is just inches below the $100,000 threshold. The car is fairly attractive, with the body emulating the modern shape seen on many muscle cars. Its v10 engine produces 645 horsepower, which is quite amazing. You have a vehicle that can travel at incredible speeds on the street, thanks to its firm cornering grip. Its trunk is roomy, allowing you to stack items such as a high-powered sound system inside. For both the 2016 and 2017 models, the two-seater street racer costs roughly $99800.

  • Porsche 911 Turbo 996 (2002-2006): $28K-$45K
Porsche 911 carrera 2

The Porsche 911 of the 996 generation may be the one that history forgets. Its headlights strayed too far from the classic Porsche formula, and the rear end appeared saggy. In the early 2000s, a minor facelift addressed some of the 996’s aesthetic issues while also introducing the 996 Turbo. The Porsche 996 Turbo was one of the most powerful 911s ever manufactured, with 414 horsepower and all-wheel drive. They’re still terrific budget supercar killers almost 18 years later.

  • Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – 650Hp – $64,695
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Despite the presence of competing muscle cars with horsepower ratings beginning with a seven, the new Camaro ZL1 remains one of the industry’s kings. The ZL1 is equipped with a 650 horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 engine and a choice of two transmissions: a six-speed manual or a ten-speed automatic transmission. The automatic transmission accelerates more quickly than the manual transmission.

The Camaro ZL1 is a no-brainer in a list of the most powerful sports cars under $100,000, with a starting price of under $65,000.

  • McLaren 650 S- under $100,000
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When it first debuted in 2014, the McLaren 650 S was one of the fastest cars the firm had ever created, with 641 horsepower from its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The 650 S is faster than the renowned McLaren F1 and nearly 140 times less expensive!? It is equipped with remarkable technology, manufactured from lightweight materials, and engineered by professionals who have won several F1 world championships. It may seem unbelievable, but a mint F1 was recently sold for 16.6 million dollars, while a low-mileage 650 S can be had for just under $100,000.

  • Aston Martin Vantage GT- $99900
Aston Martin Vantage GT

You can acquire this terrific performance for under $100k if you choose between the roadster and coupe models. The exterior is stunning and comes in a variety of colors to choose from, including black, white, gray, and many others. The grill has a futuristic appearance that adds to the car’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with on the road. The exquisite leather that punctuates the chairs guarantees you of comfort when you glance inside. With 430 braking horsepower, the 4.7-liter v8 engine will throw you into a frenzy. According to Aston Martin’s website, this amazing supercar is available for $99900.

  • Nissan GT-R (2010-2018): $39K-$73K
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The Nissan GT-R is known as much for being a supercar killer as it is for being a supercar. At least, that’s how Godzilla acquired his moniker. The R35 GT-R will continue to bend your mind and alter your notion of “quick” nearly a decade after its release. The twin-turbo V-6 engine beneath the hood has been tweaked over time to provide more power and torque, but the early R35s still had 478 horsepower, which was plenty to keep you entertained in the canyons or catapult you down an arrow-straight freeway.

With a starting price of under $100,000, the GT-R was once considered a budget supercar slayer, but a new one will set you back at least $113,000. However, because of depreciation, a used GT-R can be had for much under $100,000.

  • Audi TT RS – 400Hp – $67,600
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Audi’s TT RS, with its insane power and aggressive styling, looks right at home next to other high-performance cars like the Corvette and the Porsche 718 Cayman. It appears to be quite pushy and pricey. Its turbocharged five-cylinder engine, which produces a solid 400 horsepower, provides the car with all the power it requires to compete.

The TT RS is also competitive from the inside. It comes with a tech-focused cabin that features Audi’s typical immaculate build quality. The TT RS is one of the most affordable performance cars on the market today, with a starting price of $67,600.

  • Lamborghini Gallardo-  $75k-$80k
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The Gallardo was a hugely successful Lamborghini model and one of the company’s best vehicles. Gallardo were everything customers wanted from a supercar – aesthetics, performance, and image – with their distinctive wedge-shaped design, magnificent V10 engine, all-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive layouts, and multiple various variations.

Due to the fact that it was conceived and produced with the support of Audi, it had a little higher quality than prior Lamborghini models. It was formerly prohibitively expensive, but now it is much more accessible, and you can call yourself a Lamborghini owner for roughly $75,000-$80,000.

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