About us


If you often dream of driving luxury cars on spectacular roads of Dubai, we at Uptown Rent a Car are passionate to make it come true.

Being Dubai’s best luxury-car rental company, we rent exotic cars from the iconic Lamborghini to Ferrari, from BMW to Porsche.

The charisma of Dubai is endless with its stunning architecture, innovation and entertainment.

So is the charm of our fleet of superbly-maintained luxury cars. Driving past the dazzling tall buildings and by the golden sand-dunes is now easier than you ever thought.

Drive your dream luxury car or hire our best-trained chauffeur-driven limousine to relax and enjoy.

We guarantee you reliable, professional 24/7 customer service at complete discretion to top your expectation.

Our excellent ways of serving our elite clients have made us unique in Dubai as we offer vehicles for government events, protocol vehicles, corporate events and posh movies starring popular stars. Our tradition is perfection, so all you need to do is choose your favourite car and trust us in making your dream-drive come true.

For we are the only luxury-car rental company in Dubai that offers full insurance coverage to ensure your absolute safety.

Our Vision

Our vision is to persist as the best luxury-car rental company not only in Dubai but in the entire UAE region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure your pleasure in driving your dream luxury car while we work passionately for your safety and utmost comfort.

Our focus is to make your luxurious dreams come true at incredibly attractive prices, which makes us the best in the business of luxury car rentals in Dubai.